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40 Frases no Passado em Inglês (com áudio)

Seguem abaixo algumas frases no passado em inglês para ajudar você formar frases com esse tempo verbal em inglês. Para ficar mais fácil, as frases estão organizadas em afirmativa, negativas e interrogativas. Aprenda mais sobre o passado em inglês, lendo as dicas abaixo:

Agora vamos às nossas 40 frases no Passado em Inglês.

Frases no Passado em Inglês » Afirmativas

  • She went to the party last night.
  • Mike sent me an email on Thursday.
  • We had a wonderful day.
  • I read that book last month.
  • They got married when they lived in Peru.
  • Sandra and Paul did their homework.
  • He bought a Ferrari.
  • Dad was really hungry.
  • It rained a lot last night.
  • Márcia just told us what she did.

Frases no Passado em Inglês » Negativas

  • I didn’t know the answer.
  • Fabíola didn’t go to the movies with us.
  • Marcelo and Paulo didn’t come here yesterday.
  • Mark and his father didn’t like the party.
  • We didn’t invite them.
  • I didn’t talk to her.
  • It didn’t snow much last year.
  • They didn’t have a good time.
  • We didn’t give them the books.
  • She didn’t buy the dress she wanted.

Frases no Passado em Inglês » Interrogativas

  • Did you go to John’s birthday party?
  • Did she talk to her father?
  • Did they buy that beautiful house?
  • Did he send the email to the boss?
  • Did Carol get married?
  • Did your sister tell you what happened?
  • Did you really do that?
  • Did the store give you this as a gift?
  • Did it rain last night?
  • Did you study for the test?

Frases no Passado em Inglês » Interrogativas Negativas

  • Frases no Passado em InglêsDidn’t they get married last year?
  • Didn’t you do what I asked you?
  • Didn’t she help you?
  • Didn’t Mike go there last year?
  • Didn’t Paula and Richard go to the same school?
  • Didn’t you buy that book?
  • Didn’t they work with you some years ago?
  • Didn’t it work?
  • Didn’t they tell you what to do?
  • Didn’t she get angry?

Prontinho! Aí estão suas 40 frases no passado em inglês. Quer aprende ainda mais inglês, então continue lendo outras dicas aqui no Inglês na Ponta da Língua ou inscreva-se em nosso canal no Youtube. Take care and keep learning!

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