Pergunta: Where are you from?

The tips I write here on Inglês na Ponta da Língua are read by lots of people from many places. It’s really amazing to see readers in places (countries and cities) I’ve never imagined. In 2007, when I started this blog, I had no idea about how well-known it would become. Three years and a half later, I still get amazed by the fact that people really come from so many different places. That’s the reason I have something totally different from the usual posts today.

First, this tip is written in English so that you can practice your English reading (and lexical) skills. Lots of readers ask me to write in English only. I understand that it’d be great and all that stuff; but, most of readers can’t read in English as well as some others can. So, that’s why I tend to write most of the tips in Portuguese. I’m awfully sorry about that, but that’s the whole truth.Second, I want to ask you a favor, if I may. Could you tell me where you are from, please? I mean, could you leave a comment (click here) and write something like “Denilso, I read your English tips from Ananindeua, PA” or “Hey buddy, I’m reading you from London, England” or even “I’m from Lisbon, Portugal“? It doesn’t matter where you are reading me from; I just would like to know, ok? Can I count on you? If so, just CLICK HERE to post your comment.


Last but not least, I want to say thank you to all of you who read this blog. I hope the tips posted here really help you learn, develop, and improve your English Language skills. If you feel like sending suggestions, they will be more than welcome. So, if you’d like to read about something that’s not posted here yet, just let me know and I’ll what I can do, ok?

So, now it’s up to you. Just tell me where you are from and I’ll be really thankful for that. I wish you all a terrific Wednesday. Just post your comment below. See you tomorrow! Take care!

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  1. Hey buddy! I'm from Ribeirão Preto, São Paulo. Two years ago I found this blog and it helped me a lot. In that time I wasn't good in English as I am right now. I want to thank you Denilso, your tips was helpful in my english study.

  2. Hi Denilso, I`m from Sao Paulo- SP but I`m currently living in PRAIA GRANDE-SP. Yesterday night I went to a Nobel bookstore over here to ask them about your next new grammar book. I`ve already ordered it because they are not supposed to receive it on a regular basis. I told them they should change their schedule and start having your books so people can buy them easier. Well, I did my marketing job and I hope them to think about it! LOL

  3. Hey Denilso what´s up? Actually we have to thank you for all your help! I read your tips from Jaguariuna SP. And one more time, thanks a lot!

  4. Hello, DenilsonI've started to follow your blog when I was living in Tocantins – Brasil and now I read you from the other side of the Atlantic exactly from the Mediterranean coast in Tunis – Tunisia – Africa.It's amazing how you can learn English even not living in a anglophonic country, but I'm in an environment where people speak English to communicate, they have many expatriates here, that's why. There's no how English is the international language and no matter where you go you will find someone speaking at least the basic of English.Keep going with this great job I really appreciate it.Hellen

  5. Hi, Denilso. I'm from Rio and I'd like to say that your tips are really useful. Thanks for them. Sheyla Callado.

  6. Denilso, I always read your tips from Rio de Janeiro!! Uhuuu! They're great!! =)Sandra Saito.