Are you a couch potato?

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? Is everything ok? I hope so! Well, tell me: are you a couch potato? What!? You don’t know what a couch potato is? Ok! so let me teach you that one. I’ll teach it in three different levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.

First, the Advanced:

A couch potato is a person who spends leisure time passively or idly sitting around, especially watching TV. They don’t get involved in any kind of strenuous exercise. As a matter of fact, they can’t stand any kind of physical activity. What’s more, they rarely eat healthy, nourishing food; they’d rather have hamburgers, fries, soft drinks and that kind of stuff.

Now, the Intermediate

A couch potato is a person who spends too much time watching television. He doesn’t do any exercise at all. Actually, he hates exercising. He prefers to sit or lie on a couch watching their favorite TV programs. Another thing he doesn’t like is healthy food. A real couch potato prefers junk food such as hamburgers, fries, soft drinks and so on.

Finally, the Basic

A couch potato is a very lazy person. A couch potato likes to watch TV a lot. A couch potato doesn’t like to exercise. A couch potato likes to have hamburgers, fries, soft drinks, etc.

So, did you get it? Could you understand what a couch potato is? Are you a couch potato? Are you a basic, an intermediate or an advanced couch potato? Is there any couch potato in your family? Do you have a friend who is a real couch potato? Tell me a little bit about your couch-potato experience!

That’s it! take care and keep learning!


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  1. Hi Denilso!I guess that I'm a kind of Advanced Couch Potato! =P Actually I think that maybe I'm a "Mouse Potato", as I prefer spending hours in front of the computer instead of the TV hahaha

  2. I have an uncle who is a couch potato, but I can say I am a "mouse potato" instead.. (I ain't sure that term exists, Tami)..

  3. Hello Guys, are you ok?So Tami, you're a mouse potato, huh? Who isn't nowadays? LOLMagno, a "mouse potato" is almost the same as a "couch potato". The only difference is that a "couch potato" loves watching TV in their freetime; a "mouse potato", houwever, loves spending free time surfing on the web, playing games on the computers, etc.That's it!

  4. Hello folks!I was a mouse potato. I was spend many hours in front my computer. Nowadays, I'm not couch potato. ThankGod.Thank God tomorrow is Friday.!!!!I changed this idiom.

  5. HAHAHA, man.. I confess to you.. I'm an basic couch potato.. But, I eat healthy food.. XD

  6. I already was a couch potato. Actualy, I'm a mouse potato and I'm learning a lot with it. (my English is only basic yet).

  7. I'm getting a mouse potato too, i spend hours in front of computer, although i wotk with computer whole day and when i come back to home i use it too… I know it is not good for my health, but i enjoy computers.

  8. I am neither a couch potato nor a mouse potato. When I spend too much time sitting around my knees start hurting. I really don't know why. They are hurting now but I still keep on surfing on the internet because of this great blog! I have just find out this! Congratulations, Mr. Denilson Lima!

  9. Lol… Good post, I gues I'm a kind of "mouse potato" too in intermediate level. I mean, when I've time to do it. Nowadays, everybody spends many times in front of the computers or surfing on the net, don't we?Take care my friend!Marcelo T.

  10. These are very funny ways to explain something! I really appreciated it, one expression or word in 3 levels. Hope new posts in this format.
    By the way, I am definitely not a coach potato…. I avoid fat food and I don't spend time watching TV!

  11. Hi!
    I'm personal trainer and always try together to do exercise with my students, but nor always that's possible; hence i do my exercise alone. I'm not an "couch potato" and nor "mouse potato", i'm one "mouse academy", because i training musculation five days in the week.

  12. advanced couch (ops, MOUSE) potato here!!!!
    Speaking seriously, who isn't nowadays?

  13. I loooove this ! I am Intermediate but I’m not a Couch Potato , I love exercise and sports..

  14. I’m not a couch potato, because i play soccer, i’ll to gym and train very strong.

    I’m studying english too and learning every days many other things.

    i hope you learning english too..


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