Como dizer será que em inglês?

Este é mais um episódio do Inglês na Ponta da Língua Podcast. Nele você aprenderá como dizer será que em inglês. Além disso, você aprenderá também como dizer “por que será que…?”, “onde será que…?”, “quem será que…?”,  “como será que…?” e  “o que será que…?”.

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Será Que em Inglês (áudio)

Será Que em Inglês (vídeo)

Será Que em Inglês (texto)

Hello guys! Here we are again with another Inglês na Ponta da Língua Podcast. On this episode, I’ll be answering a question that I’ve been asked most often here on the blog: how can we say “será que” in English? To make it much more interesting, I’ll also teach you how to say “por que será que…?”, “onde será que…?”, “como será que…?”, “o que será que…?” e “quem será que…?”. So, sit up straight and pay attention! I hope you enjoy this tip.

Será que em inglês

In Portuguese, when we are not so sure about something, it is common to ask a question using the sentence “será que…?”. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about let me give you some examples:

  • Será que isso vai funcionar?
  • Será que ele vai vir pra festa?
  • Será que ela vai conseguir?
  • Será que eles já chegaram em casa?

Notice that the sentence “será que…?” is being used to express doubt about something or to show that you’re worried about something or someone. If you speak Portuguese, I’m sure you know how that works. But, what about in English? How do we say that in English?

This very same idea is usually expressed in English by using the expression “I wonder if…”. The interesting thing here is that in Portuguese, we ask a question: “será que…?”. But, in English, they just say “I wonder if…” and that it’s not a question.

So, the example sentences I gave above will be said as follow in English:

  • I wonder if that is going to work. (Será que isso vai funcionar?)
  • I wonder if he is coming to the party. (Será que vai vir pra festa?)
  • I wonder if she’s going to make it. (Será que ela vai conseguir?)
  • I wonder if they got home already. (Será que ele já chegaram em casa?)

As you can see, it’s really easy to say “será que…?” in English. All you have to say is “I wonder if…”. Before going on, I have to add here that some people also say “I wonder whether…”. There’s no difference between them. So, you can say, “I wonder if…” or “I wonder whether…”. The meaning will be exactly the same. However, “I wonder if…” is much more common than “I wonder whether…”.

Quem será que em inglês

Now let’s say you want to say “quem será que…?” What would you say? How do they say that in English? Pretty easy! Just say “I wonder who…”. No big deal, right? Just use the expression “I wonder” and the word “who”, which means “quem”, after it and that’s it. Listen to the examples:

  • I wonder who did that to her. (Quem será que fez isso com ela?)
  • I wonder who told him that. (Quem será que contou isso pra ele?)
  • I wonder who she’s going to get married to. (Com quem será que ela vai se casar?)

Por que será que em inglês

What about “por que será que…?”? How to say that in English? Well, think about it! All you have to do is to use the expression “I wonder” with the word “why”. So, you’ll have “I wonder why…”. Again, listen to the examples:

  • I wonder why they are crying. (Por que será que elas estão chorando?)
  • I wonder why he’s here. (Por que será que ele está aqui?)
  • I wonder why she did that. (Por que será que ela fez isso?)

Como será que em inglês

If you want to say “como será que…?”, just say “I wonder how…”. Notice that once more, we have the expression “I wonder” followed by the word “como” in English, which is “how”.

  • I wonder how they did that. (Como será que eles fizeram isso?)
  • I wonder how she’s getting on. (Como será que ela está se virando?)
  • I wonder how he got here first. (Como será que ele chegou aqui primeiro?)

Onde será que e O que será que

By now, I guess you already got the idea. What you have to do is to use the expression “I wonder” and change the wh-question word after it. So, to say “onde será que…”, use “I wonder where…”; “o que será que…?”, say “I wonder what…”.

  • I wonder where she is now. (Onde será que ela está agora?)
  • I wonder where they went to. (Onde será que eles foram?)
  • I wonder what she wants now. (O que será que ela quer agora?)
  • I wonder what she told him. (O que será que ela disse pra ele?)

In short

Pretty easy, right? The secret, if we can call it a secret, is to use the expression “I wonder” and the exact wh-question word after it. Nothing too hard, is it? To make it simpler, let me put all I’ve said so far in a different way:

  • To say “Será que say…?”, say “I wonder if
  • To say “Quem será que…?”, say “I wonder who
  • To say “Por que será que…?”, say “I wonder why
  • To say “Como será que…?”, say “I wonder how
  • To say “O que será que…?”, say “I wonder what
  • To say “Onde será que…?”, say “I wonder where

So, what do you think? Easy? Hard? Anyway, get used to these expressions. Use them whenever you have the chance to. Search the web for some more examples. Write your own examples on your lexical notebook. Make them part of your active vocabulary. I’m sure you’ll be using them naturally really soon.

Well, that’s it for today, boys and girls. Before saying goodbye, I want to invite you to download other episodes of Inglês na Ponta da Língua Podcast on www.inglesanpontadalingua.com. Just go there and learn much more. If you’re listening to our podcasts on iTunes, please let me know what you’re thinking about all that work here. Just give me some feedback so that I can make it better for you. Ok, then! See you next time with another Inglês na Ponta da Língua Podcast. Take care!

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