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Collocations: CAKE

Here we go again with the collocation stuff. Today the main word is “cake” [bolo]. Of course, this is an easy word. The real question here is: can you say a few words that combine [collocate] with it? Do they say “do a cake” or “make a cake“? How about “bolo de casamento“? You say “marriage cake” or “wedding cake“? Well, keep on reading to find out.

The verbs which usually combine [collocate] with “cake” are:

  • bake a cake [fazer um bolo]
  • make a cake [fazer um bolo]
  • eat a cake [comer um bolo]
  • have a cake [come um bolo]
  • cut a cake [cortar um bolo]
  • try a cake [experimentar um bolo]

Collocations: CAKE

Other words that go with “cake” are:

  • a birthday cake [um bolo de aniversário]
  • a wedding cake [um bolo de casamento]
  • a chocolate cake [a bolo de chocolate]
  • a home-made cake [um bolo caseiro]
  • a moist cake [um bolo molhado]
  • a recipe for a cake [uma receita de bolo]
  • a slice/piece of cake [uma fatia/pedaço de bolo]
  • a pack of cake mix [uma caixa de bolo]
  • cake crumps [migalhas de bolo]

I guess that’s all about cake. If you want to know how to say “dar um bolo” in English, just click here. That’s it! See you!

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