Improve your conversation skills

So, do you like to meet new people? Do you like to talk, or are you shy? Whatever your answers, this short text may help you improve your conversations skills.
1. Have some topics ready to start a conversation
Say something about the weather or the place you’re in. Talk about the weekend. You can also talk about a piece of news you read on a newspaper or saw on TV.

2. Be a good listener
Keep eye contact and say, “yes”, “hmm”, “uh-huh”, “right”, and “I know”. And say “Really? That’s interesting!”. If you do this people know that you are listening to them and interested in the conversation.

3. Don’t be boring
Avoid saying only “yes” or “no” when you answer a question. Give some piece of interesting information, too. Always add something to your answer and if possible ask the other person’s opinion.

4. Don’t talk all the time
Ask, “how about you?” and show you are interested in the other person, too. People love to talk about themselves.

5. Be positive
Negative comments can sound rude. And if you don’t want to answer a personal question, simply say, “oh, I’m not sure I can answer that”, or “I’d rather not say.

6. Smile!
Everyone loves a smile. Just be relaxed, smile, and be yourself.

If you put this six tips into practive you’ll be improving your conversational skills. Sometimes we may have no to say, but we have to try. Remember: whenever you have the chance, chat with someone else. Practice makes perfect. So, just do your best.

4 Comentários

  1. Dicas, show de bola!!!Eu ainda não me garanto muito e as vezes bate uma certa timidez.Mas vou seguir estas dicas e melhorar minha postura diante de uma conversa.Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho.

  2. Pensei que eram dicas para a conversação apenas em inglês, mas é universal. Isso é bom! Thanks for your job.

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