Vocabulário Específico: Movies

So, do you usually go to the movies? Do you like going to the movies? Did you know that in British English they usually say “cinema“? So, these questions in British English would be like “do you usually go to the cinema?”, “do you like going to the cinema?”.
Another difference is that Americans say “movie”. British people say “film”. So, you can ask: “what kind kind of movies do you like?” and “what kind of films do you like?“.

The options are: cartoon (desenho), thriller (suspense), musical (musical), comedy (comédia), romantic comedy (comédia romântica), love story (filme romântico, romance), war movie (filme de guerra), action movie (filme de ação), horror movie (filme de terror), epic (épico, filme de época).

Other common expressions to talk about movies are:

  • Have you seen [name of the movie]? = Você já viu [nome do filme]?
  • Did you like it? = Você gostou?
  • I saw the preview. = Eu vi o trailer.
  • It looks good on the preview. = Pelo trailer parece bom.
  • It’s worth seeing. = Vale a pena assistir.
  • I loved it. = Eu adorei.
  • I really enjoyed it. = Eu gostei muito.

That’s it, folks! I’ll see you tomorrow!

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