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Not much today!

Hello everyone,

It’s 1:00 in the morning and I’m really tired. I just got home. Why? Because I traveled on business this weekend. Actually, I traveled last Wednesday to Porto Alegre. Then, I got a bus to Bento Gonçalves. I spent at about 7 hours in there. After, I got a bus to Frederico Westphalen, a town in the northwest of Rio Grande do Sul.

I arrived in Frederico, on Friday, at 2:30 in the morning. It was freezing cold, something around -2º Celsius (or minus, thermal sensation and everything). I stayed in there until Sunday morning, when, at 9:30 in the morning, I got a bus to Chapecó, and from there a plane to Florianópolis, where I, finally, got a bus back to Curitiba (home sweet home).

Well, at the International Airport Hercílio Luz, in Florianópolis, I had to take the picture that illustrates this topic. Can you see how many mistakes there are in this notice? Can you imagine an English language speaker arriving there and reading this?

Take a look at the sentence: “ATTENTION: Do not allowd children near the loggage belt“. The idea is to say: “ATENÇÃO: não permita que crianças se aproximam da esteira de bagagem”. However, they should have written like this: “ATTENTION: Do not allow children near the luggage belt” or “ATTENTION: Children are not allowed near the luggage belt“.

Inside the airport there is also a notice by INFRAERO where you can read “complains” instead of “complaints” (reclamações). I spotted some other mistakes but I stopped looking for them because I kept asking myself: “Come on, isn’t this an international airport? So, how about writing in proper English?”. Anyway, I hope they make some changes there. The sooner, the better!

See you tomorrow with something much more interesting. Take care!

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