Como é que se diz “batata palha” em inglês?

Another very common question I usually receive in my e-mail box is “Denilso, como é que se fala batata palha em inglês?
That’s a very curious question! Everybody who studies English learn the words “potato chips” and “french fries”. However, you may ask about the difference: what are “potato chips” and “french fries”?

Potato chips are those similar to Ruffles. French fries are more similar to those served at McDonald’s. The difference, then, is in the shape (format). According to some scholars, this difference is only made in the United Kingdom. Americans take everything as fries (no matter the format). Some dictionaries tell us that potato chips is also known as crisps in England.

Ok! But what about “batata palha”?Can we get a dictionary and translate word for word? If so, we’d have “batata”-“potato” and “palha”-“straw”. Would it be possible to say “potato straws”? Believe it or not, you can say that. There’s even an easy recipe to make them at home.

But there are other words too! One is “shoestring potato“. These, in my humble opinion, are much more similar to our “batata palha“. According to a dictionary I have here, shoestring potato are potatoes cut into long, very narrow strips and fried crisp in deep fat. In fact, this is the that we find more occurences on Google. So, “shoestring potato” is for sure the best option we have.

Now that you’ve learned that I hope you make us the word as much as possible. Reusing and creating images on your mind with that word help you better memorize it!

  • So, do you likeshoestring potato?
  • Can you make them?
  • Do you usually buy them when you go to the supermarket?
  • Do you like to have them in your sandwiches?

That’s it for today! See you tomorrow!

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