O que significa em português?

What does bitch really mean?

Nesta dica, a prof. americana Kristen Hammer compartilha com a gente os significados e usos da palavra bitch. Mas, caso seu problema seja com a pronúncia das palavras “beach” e “bitch”, leia e escute a dica de pronúncia que demos em “Beach or Bitch?”. Agora, vamos à dica da prof. Kristen.

My first topic will be about the use of the slang word “bitch”. I promise I won’t write only about cuss words, ok? The reason I chose this word is because about 99.9999% of Brazilians use this word incorrectly.  Just yesterday I heard this word used 3 times!

So to clear up any confusion once and for all, the word “bitch” does NOT mean puta, prostituta, rameira, etc. Even though Google Translator says that it does! The word “bitch” literally means a female dog. However, it is mostly used as a slang term referring to a woman. There are other meanings of this word, and maybe I will write about them in a future post, but for now I will discuss this most common meaning. Vamos lá!

What does bitch really mean?Generally speaking, “bitch” describes a mean, cruel woman, or someone unreasonable, difficult, rude, aggressive, malicious, and spiteful. The best definition that I have gotten for this word in Portuguese would be either “vaca” or  “mal amada”.  But I’m not sure that really does the word justice.

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  • God, that girl in the store totally yelled at me when I just asked a simple question. What a total bitch! (Deus do céu, aquela menina na loja simplesmente gritou comigo sendo que eu apenas fiz uma perguntinha boba. Que vaca!)
  • He is such a nice guy, and she’s such a heartless bitch for dumping him. (Ele é uma cara super bacana, e ela é uma vaca desalmada por dar o fora nele.)


There is a movie titled “Mean Girls” which basically means “Bitches”. I checked in Wikipedia and, in Brazil, this movie is called, “Meninas Malvadas”. Some of the girls in this movie really are a group of bitches.

Curiously, there always seems to be a bitch in movies. At least one! Even in Snow White, which is a Disney film, Snow White’s stepmother is a huge bitch!  Come to think of it, all stepmothers in Disney movies are bitches. To give you a better idea here is list of the “20 meanest bitches in films”.

In English we also have the adjective “bitchy”. This one is used to describe someone who is irritable, moody and whiny.

  • Wow, she sure is in a bitchy mood today! Probably on her period. [lots of guys tend to say this one!] (Nossa, ela está mesmo no humor dos infernos hoje. Deve estar menstruada. [muitos rapazes costumam dizer isso!])

“Bitch” can also be a verb:  to bitch. As such, it means excessive complaining, repeatedly ragging and whining about something over and over, therefore destroying the point you were trying to make and making you look like a complete bitch because no one is listening to you.

  • Stop your damn bitching! Nobody wants to hear it! (Para com essa ladainha infeliz! Ninguém quer ouvir!)

 The term has various other meanings as in:

  • Life’s a bitch. (A vida é uma droga.)
  • You’re my bitch now! (Você é meu capacho agora!)
  • What’s up, my bitches? (Que qui tá rolando, amigos?)
  • Bitches, get your ass over here and sing karaoke with me! (Cambada, movam os traseiros e venham bringer no karaoke comigo.)
  • Doing my homework is such a bitch. (Fazer a tarefa de casa é uma m*rda mesmo.)


Speaker 01: Go make me a sandwich. (Vai lá me fazer um sanduíche.)

Speaker 02: I’m not your bitch! (Não sou seu empregado.)

But these can be for a later post. So, did you notice that there is no meaning for slut or prostitute here?  Because that is not what it really means!  That’s it, guys! Thanks for listening!

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