Are you a “tech savvy”?

Last year I wrote a post asking if you are a “couch potato”. Today, I have a new question: “are you a tech savvy?” Before answering my question, I guess I have to tell you what “tech savvy” means.
According to dictionaries, “savvy” is an informal and slang word which refers to a person who has a very good knowledge of how things are done or even how things work. In Portuguese, we can say that “savvy” means something like “pessoa que manja muito de um assunto“, “pessoa que tem muita habilidade com algo e, portanto, é um ‘expert’“. Remember: this is an informal and slang word. So, just use it when talking to friend, family members and in informal situation.

As for the word “tech” is short for “technology“. Not much to say here!

Then, we have “tech savvy” which means “a person who knows how to use technology and who is very good at learning and using technology” [tech savvy = pessoa que manja bem de tecnologias]. Tech savvies know how to use state-of-the-art telephones, computers, etc. They have no problem and dealing with new technologies. Tech savvies loves to be on the internet: Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Orkut, etc. Tech savvies are really very good at dealing with technology.

I know a lot of tech savvies and I’m pretty sure that you also have lots of friends who are tech savvies. In fact, are you a tech savvy? Take a look at the cute little girl on the picute. She definitely is a tech savvy, isn’t she?

If you are not a tech savvy, what kind of savvy are you? Financial savvy? Political savvy? Business savvy? Street savvy? Media savvy? Just tell me! I’m really interested to know. Please, answer clicking here. Let’s what what kind of savvies are reading this blog.

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