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Well, the podcast idea was really welcome by the readers and fans. I got really nice words here on the blog, on the Facebook page (please like the page). So, here I am with another edition of Inglês na Ponta da Língua podcast.This time I have something totally different. You can listen to the audiofile and can also read the tip. Yeah! You can read it too. So, below you have the audiofile and below the audio file you’ll find the script to read while you listen. I hope you like this. Take care, you guys. I wish you a wonderful weekend.

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And the script!

The great actor from the movie Fast and Furious (Velozes e Furiosos), Vin Diesel, recently wrote the following words on his Facebook fanpage.

“We all know, I tend to shy away from award shows… However, I can’t tell you how honored I am to be Nominated for an NAACP award, for the portrayal of Dom Toretto in Fast Five. Haha… one to be proud of… I am lucky to have such a great ensemble of actors, director, writer, producers… and even the studio. Film is truly a team effort, and everyone gave above and beyond.”

Come on! He!? Shying away from shows!? I can’t believe it !

Anyway, being shy or not, he gave us three good things to learn in English. Three common expressions used in daily conversation. The first one is “we all know” which means “todos nós sabemos” or “todo mundo sabe” or “a gente sabe”. It’s a common thing to say in colloquial English so learn and practice it. There you go some other examples:

  • We all know he’s crazy.
  • We all know she’s not coming to the party.
  • We all know this is not going to work.
  • We all know you are married.

The second expression is “shy away from someone” or “shy away from something”. This expression means “evitar alguém ou algo por se sentir inseguro, ansioso demais, amedrontado”. So, when Vin says “I tend to shy away from award shows”, in Portuguese it means that he “evita ir a shows de entrega de prêmios por sentir um friozinho na barriga”. The expression is “shy away from” and there you go a couple of examples:

  • You can’t shy away from that.
  • He won’t go. He shies away from debates, you know.
  • Don’t you ever shy away from your commitments.
  • I won’t shy away from it.

The third expression we learn from Vin Diesel is “give above and beyond”. In his own words he says, “everyone gave above and beyond”. In Portuguese, that means “todo mundo se entregou”, “todo mundo deu o máximo de si”, “todo mundo vestiu a camisa”. So, “give above and beyond” means “dar o máximo de si para realizer um projeto”, “se entregar de corpo e alma”, “vestir a camisa”. To make it clear, there you go some more examples:

  • You have always to give above and beyond.
  • You know, we gave above and beyond for that.
  • We all know you gave above and beyond to the project.

Well, now it’s up to you. Can you find more examples with “we all know”, “shy away from someone/something” and “give above and beyond”? Take care!

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  1. Denilso, em determinado momento você fala "give beyond and above", mas todos os demais exemplos estão como "give above and beyond". Por isso, pergunto: a ordem é importante ou não neste caso? Sabemos que há expressões em inglês que preservam uma ordem, como "lost and found", pois o contrário soa estranho. Isto ocorre na expressão "give above and beyond"?

  2. Aaadooooooreeeeeeeeei! Todo em inglês e com áudio fica muito melhor!

  3. Hi Denilso.Again, nice job with the podcast.At his time I have a question for you. I'm confused about the right preposition used after "go above and beyond". What's it?Thanks,Patricia

  4. We all know this is the best English blog! This is because Denilso always give above and beyond

  5. Good job, Denilso. I didn't know the expression above and beyond. I learned something useful today. I have an English teaching blog too. It's been 1 month or so since I started it. If you have some spare time, please check it out

  6. Thanks guys for your words.I just wanna let you know that I corrected the file. Now, "give above and beyond" is in the correct order.Thanks for noticing my mistake. :)Take care!

  7. I enjoyed too! It's much better reading and listening in English!Thanks!

  8. Oi Denilso. Fiquei apavorado com teu inglês falado. É muito perfeito!!!! Parabéns… Isso é fruto de muito estudo e pratica com certeza, que é o que você mais ensina a fazermos aqui… Have a nice day!

  9. I think posting podcasts in English and the scripts along here on the blog was an excellent idea. It's a great way of practing listening and also reading skills.I loved it. The only thing I suggest you is that you make these audio files available for download, so we can practice English anywhere.

  10. Parabéns pelo excelente trabalho, Denilso! A transcrição com certeza ajuda muito mesmo!Abraço!

  11. DenilsoSensacional esse podcast, foi muito mais eficiente ler e ouvir seu inglês que é perfeito. Se tiver a possibilidade de nos brindar com outras dicas desse tipo, ao menos pra mim, será de grande valia.Obrigada e um excelente final de semana.Izilda

  12. Podcasts are really useful! That's exactly what helps me most, keep it up, thank you!

  13. Hi Denilso, my name is Antonione. First I'd like to thank you for your blogspot which has helped me a lot in my teaching practice.These days I've been looking for some interactive activities outdoors that I could apply to my students. Do you know any event, workshop, place that I can take my students for learning english in a funny, interactive and real way? You know, just to break the monotony of the classroom and make them have fun. Thank you a lot.

  14. I liked it so much! Thanks for posting!God bless you on and on! ( Is it right?. We can say that?

  15. Oi Denilso! Estou muuuito feliz pelo podcast!Sempre visito seu blog para tirar dúvidas e muitos mais. Muito obrigada.Estou com dúvida na expressão "Don't you ever". Há um exemplo lá no script: "Don't you ever shy away from your commitments".Poderia dizer que significa "NUNCA"? Posso aplicar essa tradução para essa expressão, "don't you ever".Desde já agradeço!!!

  16. This way is so much better, you're awesome! Waiting for the next one!

  17. Hey Denilso!I've been thinking about your podcast and It's about time for you to create an Intro for them, what do you think of the idea? what kind of music/sound effect/whatever.. would you use for this? let me know, tks ! obs: Your podcast is great!

  18. Muito boa a iniciativa. Meu nome é Antonio. Desejo saber se existe algum software que possa gravar a minha voz para comparações com podcasts ou outras gravações que eu utilizo de outras fontes. Tenho procurado, mas nenhuma atende as minhas expectativas. Agradeço a ajuda. Abrs.

  19. Muito bacana, gostei demais do podcast! Escutar a pronúncia do seu inglês me ajudará bastante.Obrigado!

  20. Really nice. I liked a lot this post and moreover learned something useful. Please keep posting in English as often as you can Denilso. The podcast was very good too, clear and easy to understand even for intermediate learners like me. Congratulations.All the best

  21. I loved it!!!! this is the best postcast!! congratulationsssss

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