Being a Lexical Teacher – Course for Teachers

Are you an English Language Teacher interested in learning more about:
  1. vocabulary in English Language Teaching history?
  2. teaching and learning vocabulary?
  3. how memory acquire lexis?
  4. the Lexical Approach?
  5. formulaic language (chunks of language, collocations, gambits, colligation, etc.)?
  6. teaching formulaic language to English language learners?
  7. teaching grammar lexically (no rules and no terminology)?
  8. corpus as a tool for preparing lexical lessons?
  9. helping learners autonomously learn formulaic language and language in general?

If you answered yes to at least one of the questions above, you are more than welcome to take part in the online course Being a Lexical Teacher.
This online course is developed for teachers who are new to English Language Teaching or have years of experience in the field and who want to learn more about how to teach vocabulary.
The course starts on April 23rd. But the sooner you apply for it, the better chances you have to participate (limited number of participants). Learn more about the course by clicking here.
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